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Cielo Construction Company

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Cielo Transcends Environmental Construction Standards With Sustainable Approach To Building

Sep 10, '18 5:51 PM EST

In the realm of sustainable and eco-friendly construction, Cielo Construction Company has been at the forefront of the home remodeling industry for more than twenty years. Known for transcending the standards of construction practices through scaled renovations to full builds from the ground up, Cielo takes pride in turning imagination into a superior reality that puts conservation center stage. 

“We are very proud to provide our clients with the latest energy-efficient remodeling techniques in addition to beautiful home designs,” shares Mike Thompson, Head of Design. “We are thrilled to have built a repertoire of over 20 years of satisfied clients who love their homes (and their electricity bills!).”

A property that exemplifies some of the many green practices made possible today is Cielo's Tarzana home highlighted on Cielo's YouTube channel. The spacious family home sought Cielo's expertise due to withering vegetation and rising property bills, a concern for the property owners in the midst of the SoCal summer heat. With a strategic renovation using artificial, environmentally-friendly greenery, along with a faux-wood Trex deck that requires minimal maintenance and energy-efficient LED lights, the backyard was instantly transformed into a cost-saving haven.

Cielo’s commitment to quality construction, together with a high degree of client integrity, has earned the company the reputation of contractor of choice for private and public agency projects alike. A large contributor to their success lies in their wide tapestry of specialties, including but not limited to kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, garage conversions, roofing, and energy efficiency. The company also identifies as a prime subscriber to the ingenious trend of garage conversions, transforming garages into a livable space that homeowners can utilize to further emphasize in-home practicality.

Cielo stands proud in aligning strongly with California's PACE Program, helping homeowners finance their remodeling jobs in an effort to elevate the homes' energy efficient footprint. Ultimately, the financing initiatives result in money saved due to the power of energy-saving elements in a home, reducing monthly energy bills significantly. 

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