Christine Bjerke

Christine Bjerke

Copenhagen, DK



Christine is an architect and writer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is co-founder of the urban think-tank In-Between Economies and she is the editor of the multifaceted website and publication project She is currently a teaching assistant at the Urbanism & Societal Change Masters Programme 17/18 at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - Schools of Architecture Design and Conservation.

Christine's Featured Articles on Archinect

DATA-AND-MORTAR; Will the Technological Revolution Render Architects Obsolete?, Sat, Nov 10 '18

Globally, multinational tech companies are moving beyond the digital realm to enter the physical domains of where, when, and how we will produce our cities in the future. Grounded in the interdependency between us (citizens) as “users” and tech corporations as “providers,” we have no other ...

DATA-AND-MORTAR; Will the Technological Revolution Render Architects Obsolete?

New Ground II: Countryside 2030, Wed, Feb 28 '18

New Ground II, the second installment of Archinect’s two-part feature series on the contemporary countryside, is playfully set in rural California in the year 2030. Certain trends Christine Bjerke and I dug into in last month’s feature, New Ground I: Advancing the Countryside, have been ...

New Ground II: Countryside 2030

New Ground I: Advancing the Countryside, Wed, Jan 31 '18

Across the urbanized world, the contemporary countryside is a paradox. While media attention is absorbed by the city, many rural regions are experiencing accelerating change due to increased automation, the emergence of megastructures and new self-learning systems, all of which are reshaping the ...

New Ground I: Advancing the Countryside