Christine Bjerke

Christine Bjerke

Copenhagen, DK



Christine is an architect and writer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is co-founder of the urban think-tank In-Between Economies and she is the editor of the multifaceted website and publication project She is currently a teaching assistant at the Urbanism & Societal Change Masters Programme 17/18 at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - Schools of Architecture Design and Conservation.

Christine's Featured Articles on Archinect

New Ground II: Countryside 2030, Wed, Feb 28 '18

New Ground II, the second installment of Archinect’s two-part feature series on the contemporary countryside, is playfully set in rural California in the year 2030. Certain trends Christine Bjerke and I dug into in last month’s feature, New Ground I: Advancing the Countryside, have been ...

New Ground II: Countryside 2030

New Ground I: Advancing the Countryside, Wed, Jan 31 '18

Across the urbanized world, the contemporary countryside is a paradox. While media attention is absorbed by the city, many rural regions are experiencing accelerating change due to increased automation, the emergence of megastructures and new self-learning systems, all of which are reshaping the ...

New Ground I: Advancing the Countryside