Christopher Bondesen

Christopher Bondesen

Morristown, NJ, US



I currently have six years of professional experience in a variety of architecture offices working on projects at every phase. I am deeply interested in architecture’s ability to connect at the human scale despite large scale projects and extensive digital requirements in construction. Fortunately, years of digital and BIM experience even before entering the formal workforce have served me well. For me my organization of projects is further informed by my knowledge of the materials used, the process of construction, and the processes needed. I use these lessons to inform my digital work towards expressive, yet sensitive architectural results.

I enjoy being a benefit to an office which in return uses my skills to their fullest.  My goal in this is always to produce sensitive architectural results, deeply interested in the material visual, acoustic, and tactile qualities to create spaces that are worth being in for quite awhile.


Windigo Architecture + Design, Morristown, NJ, US, Project Designer

This position has used a lot of my architectural skillset in a small office. I have been responsible for key communication, the coordination of BIM work during all phases, and consistent coordination on project budgets and material research. I have also been corresponding with various consultants. Further, these projects have been of varying scales and typologies, including work on single-family residential projects, office spaces, and school buildings. Finally, the limitations of a small office environment has called for innovative solutions and setting standards for projects internally, doing this while often working independently, and taking lead on assigned projects to manage.

Jan 2023 - current

Laguarda.Low Architects, LLC, New York, NY, US, Designer (2019-2022) Project Designer (2022)

This position allowed me to push the boundaries of design within a variety of program types at every phase of design. Working with especially large-scale projects around the world I have been able to work on unique challenges while always seeking to be conscious of the materials and details needed to engage with the human scale, as well as connecting to each surrounding context. These challenges have kept me flexible while encouraging me learn more about the codes which could effect these different projects, and the materials which can be used when realizing complex architectural visions.

I have worked on a number of material boards for this office, often doing material research, and have been very involved in our Material Lab at the office. I have also worked consistently with 3D architectural modelling programs, and produced a variety of graphics, as part of a team or trusted to work individually. I have sometimes been asked to organize workflows and distribute tasks. In all I have been involved in many team and individual tasks which help to realize large, and complex projects within this office. While it may be artistic, the effort has contributed to making these artistic ideas in to realities.

Jun 2019 - Dec 2022

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US, Lab Assistant - CNC Router & Waterjet

This position requires me to take the geometries of students' files and translate them into the cutting paths used by the machines for cutting a variety of materials. Additionally, I need to adjust the machines digitally and manually so that they can cut each particular material cleanly.

Sep 2017 - Apr 2019

HansonLA, Los Angeles, CA, US, Summer Intern

This summer internship placed me in a small office with a variety of responsibilities in the design and construction processes of a variety of buildings. For construction my tasks included changes for a new issue made in both AutoCAD and Revit. My work with design teams focused primarily on iterations of large mixed-use developments including housing, offices, and retail. These iterations were developed simultaneously through plan, section, Rhino, and physical modeling.

May 2018 - Aug 2018

KCCT Architecture, Washington, DC, US, Intern I

I primarily worked on the international side of this firm, concentrated on the programming and development of U.S. Embassies. While there my duties ranged from large concept programming to presentation arrangements to construction drawings. Of particular note, I was given the opportunity to practice some management of a small team in the completion of a set of these construction drawings as I had been on the project the longest at that point. In addition, my work on embassies gave me the opportunity to work with large complex teams on international projects. Much of this work was done on AutoCAD and Revit.

Jul 2016 - Aug 2017

Esoarc Studio, PLC, Falls Church, VA, US, Intern

This is an interior architecture firm with projects at a variety of scales. With this experience I took my prior experiences in firms that worked largely on whole building forms and was able to work in more material detail on interiors, even for larger office projects. These duties included work with construction documents and recording the conditions of buildings to be renovated.

May 2016 - Jul 2016

Duda|Paine Architects, Durham, NC, US, Summer Intern

My position during the summer required me to work quickly on a variety of projects, including corporate skyscrapers and college buildings. Much of the design work was done through physical models. Additionally, I often worked in AutoCAD, Revit, and the Adobe Creative Suite to create presentation images.

Jun 2015 - Aug 2015


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US, MArch, Master of Architecture

Here I chose my classes to focus on the changing methods of fabrication as they apply to the emerging ability of architects to assert more of their own craft through digital means. This had me looking with great curiosity at the way that physical materials are represented digitally, and from a digital understanding eventually used in actual construction. This focus served as the basis for my thesis semester.

Sep 2017 - Apr 2019

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, US, Bachelors, Bachelor of Science, Architecture

My studies here gave me an intensive experience of architecture, including seven studios and two structural courses. Additionally, I pursued a variety of classes to diversify my abilities, working from an interest in history, and developing my skills in areas of programming and materials.

Sep 2012 - May 2016

Areas of Specialization