Chloe Caves

Chloe Caves

Los Angeles, CA, US


Fluvial Lab: Midway Yard Skatepark

The site continues into the retired freight storage facility commonly referred to as Midway Yard. The site is beyond heavily contaminated from its years of operation with the Southern Pacific Railroad and has been practically abandoned for decades.

The general concept of landscape architecture has often been to cover unsightly areas or reconstruct devastated areas of land. My concept for the proposed skate park is to recycle existing railroad scrape into a fluvial fabric reflective of the history of our city.  The radical forms of contorted steel , salvaged from an abandoned and forgotten site, act as scabs over the wounds of  human enterprise.

Surrounding the contorted steel fragments is stipa grass, a common habitat for the California Quail, which is an indicator species for the Los Angeles River. The skate park would be a visual reminder that acts as an aesthetic embodiment of history, while continuing the bridge concept of dissolving the natural and artificial opposition.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US