Chin-Rong Lee

Chin-Rong Lee

Washington, DC, US


Power Prologue_Michigan Seed Archive

The adaptive reuse intervention for existing coal power plant in Detroit, MI inspire students to speculate creative activities for the Detroit Community. To transform existing identity of the power plant in the industrial site, the project focus on empowering Detroit Community with sustainable and regenerative agriculture. The main purpose is to educate local community about both biodiversity and regenerative agriculture. The goal of the project seeks to develop regenerative cycle to further create a network for the Detroit community to participate, interact, and engage. 

The site revitalization proposal seeks to restore biodiversity by leveraging the unique site characteristics and advantages. The site will showcase both city infrastructures and research facility to preserve biodiversity and ecological resources while engaging local residents to participate in the process.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Detroit, MI
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: A studio led by Dan Kinkead