Joanne Huang

Joanne Huang

San Francisco, CA, US


Reimagining the City Oildale

On Nov 21th, 2025, we are standing in the city of Oildale. The link between the name of the town and landscape are the remains from previous energy infrastructure, oilrigs, power plant cogenerators. 

Twenty years ago, people in Oildale, Kern county had struggled with their ownership of water. After several years, water rationing, and excessive usage of the groundwater, pollutions, and remains left behind the massive gas industry.

The project is looking into the existing site in Oildale where has corporation-owned industrial components such as oil rigs, power cogeneration, energy production, scattering in the landscape. Transform the energy loss from existing massive infrastructure and the water waste which comes from the over-pimped water of the oilfield. 

Through the process of wastewater treatment, not only enable the narrative to operate a new system by applying programs such as water-tank-apartment, recreational golf court, but also transferring the control in power of the land right from a single corporation to the open public. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Oildale, CA, US