Charles Heid

Charles Heid

Birmingham, MI, US


Siemens Headquarters

This proposal for a new office concept is for the Industry Solutions division of Siemens, which is headquartered in Munich. The Industry Solutions group has approximately 200 employees who work on complex industrial designs for transportation and infrastructure; their projects rely heavily on dynamic team organizations and virtual reality prototyping suites, but their current facilities house employees by department, and all teams are forced to share a single virtual reality prototyping suite, creating delays in projects throughout the department. Rather than focusing on improving efficiency, we chose to investigate how we could make the office of the future more effective. In our proposal, work areas are organized by team, each with their own VR suites. Between team areas, an elevated social mezzanine allows employees to openly and casually interact, while private and support spaces are enclosed below. The building’s facade is a tensioned, perforated mesh on motorized rollers; by adjusting the tension of the skin, thousands of fine-grain apertures can quickly adjust to control lighting and views, while only relying on two motors.

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Status: School Project
Location: Munich, DE
My Role: Collaborator
Additional Credits: Andrew Kim, Stephanie Yu