Chau Tran

Chau Tran

Newark, NJ, US

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I am a recent graduate from the New Jersey Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master of Infrastructure Planning. I'm looking to learn more about the built environment and the interrelated issues that influence it: socio-economic, political, financial, environmental, etc. issues. I'm also highly interested in design and planning research and speculative projects, as well as other architectural theory.



OPerA Studio Architecture, Brooklyn, Architectural Intern

At OPerA Studio, I worked on
-Rresidential and commercial rojects — I worked on detailed construction documents, as well as design development, physical model making and site visit.
-Brooklyn Neighborhood Improvement - I produced research materials for a talk from OPerA Studio for the New York Build Expo in 2017

Jan 2019 - current

Interboro Partners, Brooklyn, Urban Design Intern

At Interboro Partners, I worked on urban planning and design drawings, graphic, representations, as well as producing report of planning project.
Projects includes:
-Campau/Banglatown Neighborhood Framework Plan - Detroit — I worked on a 1:1000 scale plan drawing of Campau/Banglatown’s existing urban conditions and the 3 proposed frameworks: open space/-mobility/ housing and economic developments, and made existing condition report for the city of Detroit.

May 2018 - current

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