Charles Vega

Charles Vega

Kansas City, MO, US


Urbavore Farm

At the crest of a low hill, one wholly manufactured by the surrounding suburbanism and clay, there sits an un-farmable portion of Urbavore Farm. The attribute, un-farmable, revealed that specific location as the natural site for a dwelling. Architecturally programmed as space for three humans, countless other animals, insects and plants will call this plot of land home and their coexistence is
the actual program. As their livelihood is absolutely dependent on the land, the intent of the house is not to be the glacier which makes the land what it desires in a single act of defiance, but the rain that collectively pushes mountains to the sea.

The home for an urban farming family in Kansas City, designed to be partially submerged into the earth is now under construction. The following is an account of a desire not to create, but to reveal a dwelling beyond the conventions of green design, one who's poetry with the site allows for nothing other than a sustainable architecture, both environmentally and humanly.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Kansas City, MO, US
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Matt Teismann, LIONarchitecture, Trevor Acorn,