Christian Hurttienne Architects

Christian Hurttienne Architects

Detroit, MI


The Coe at West Village

The Coe at West Village is a new mixed-use development located in Detroit’s historic West Village neighborhood. The building includes eight row houses, four apartments, and retail space affronting Van Dyke Avenue. The development is the first in a Detroit neighborhood by Invest Detroit, supported by JP Morgan Chase Bank and others. The Coe is the first new construction building of a 'missing middle' mixed-use typology that Detroit neighborhoods need to recreate density. The exterior massing of the building consists of dark brick masonry, fiber cement composite panels, wood siding components, and metal cladding. The project contributes to the existing economic vitality of an already thriving neighborhood by complimenting the surrounding historic context while offering a building design characteristic of modern living in 2017.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Detroit, MI, US
Firm Role: Architect