Chantale Martin

Chantale Martin

Atlanta, GA, US

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Graduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, M.Arch expected May 2016.


HH Architects, Dallas, TX, US, Architectural Intern

Summer internship working primarily in Revit 2014. Experience with Design Development, Construction Documents and Construction Administration phases, as well as communication with clients and consultants.

May 2014 - Jul 2014


Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), Atlanta, GA, US, MArch, Architecture

Aug 2014 - current

The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX, US, Bachelors, Architecture

Aug 2010 - May 2014


3rd Place in NCMA Unit Design Local Competition, 1st Place

Design a new concrete masonry or hardscape unit that can be manufactured on a block machine or a big-board machine. The unit you design is to be conceived as a mass produced unit with potential architectural or landscape applications. What are concrete masonry or hardscape units? What do they want to be? What could they be used for? Your design should capitalize on the advantages offered by concrete masonry or hardscape as a material, a fabrication process and a use, while accommodating for the associated weaknesses.


Eco-Porn Competition, Honorable Mention

"One of the foremost responsibilities of architects today is to address the issue of sustainability. For some, this expectation has inspired the design of ingenious biological and renewable energy systems; for others, it has created pressure to make architecture that merely looks sustainable, aka "eco-porn." Both categories use the same representational tropes to proclaim a message of greenness and social responsibility, allowing the use of eco-porn to proliferate unchecked. What is it about these tropes that allow us to trick others and ourselves into believing that what looks sustainable is sustainable? Is there value in delusion?"

Published in Tropes magazine, pages 24, 40


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