Chan Gyu Lee

Chan Gyu Lee

London, GB



To whom it may concern

If you are looking for a professional designer who is proficient in architecture design and computational research based on a professional experience in architecture field, I am the right person for you.

I have about 5 years of experience in professional architecture field. I have done various works as an assistant architect such as Korea Government Offices, Officetels, Residences, Hotels and Schools. In the case of Korea Development Institute, I played an active part in the whole process, from idea competition and turn-key competition to working drawing step. It was 14 months project and I was a sub designer. As a sub designer I had conferences with clients and cooperative firms and I was responsible and hard working all the time. I kept due date no matter what condition and was able to reflect client’s opinions. Or sometimes I persuaded the client when necessary without hard feelings. And the library design was clients’ favourite part and I was in charge of it. Based on such diverse experience, I am well aware of what kinds of factors are required depending on architecture types and how the whole architecture design process is working. Since I worked at one of the biggest companies in South Korea which has about 450 employees for about 3.5 years and a small company with about 50 employees for about 1 year, I am available to adapt to any group environment and I have always been good at noticing what I should do for my team and the gist of the project quickly.

My main role has been a processing programmer during MArch course in the Bartlett. I belong to the RC1 where is specialised in computational research in GAD course. It was not easy to learn processing program without previous experience but I found it very interesting and I worked hard. As a result I have become one of the most outstanding student in the class and I was selected to attend the seminar for CUDA which is a kind of high level computer language using graphic card. One of my strength as a programmer is that I can consider real architectural situation such as plan, structure, material and so on with my professional experience. I know what kind of computational simulation has useful meaning or not in the field and I am sure this is one of the most important requirements as an architects.

I believe it is not easy for someone to quit a stable job and leave for another country for a new challenge. What gives me courage to put ideas into action was my passion for architecture. I wanted to learn more about up to date technologies and experience worldwide architecture. Your company will benefit from a passionate, responsible, hard-working and self-motivated professional architect. 

Please, feel free to visit my homepage ( and download my full portfolio from this link ( 0BzoUmKPOXn4eb0VIc2xoN2dsd1E/view?usp=sharing). At your convenience please contact me to arrange a meeting to discuss how my skills and experience can benefit company. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.


Kindly Regards,
Chan Gyu Lee


DUGA CNC Architects and Associates, Seoul, KR, Assistant Manager

Main or Sub Designer depending on project type. As a main designer, I handled whole plans and building law.

Jul 2013 - Jul 2014

Kunwon Architects Planners Engineers, Seoul, KR, Assistant Manager

Sub Designer

Jan 2010 - Mar 2013


University College London (UCL), London, GB, MArch, The Bartlett

Computational Research

Oct 2014 - Oct 2015

Hongik University, Seoul, KR, BArch, Hongik School of Architecture

5 Years course for Bachelor of Architecture

Mar 2003 - Mar 2010

Areas of Specialization