Christina Graydon

Christina Graydon

Cambridge,MA, US

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Architecture is the thread that sews passion and reaps hope. The majority of my childhood was spent in Jamaica. There I distinctly remember my daily route to the outdoor bathroom, to my cousin’s house on the hilltop, or to the shop to play the innocent bystander of a violent game of dominoes. Upon every departure, I skipped past the house my grandparents spent their entire life trying to bring to completion. I cannot recall my childhood without picturing that house. Specifically my most profound memories were running around the stacked cement blocks while imagining which room would one day be mine. My home in Jamaica consisted of one bedroom shared with four of my cousins and my grandparents. There simply was no space to do anything indoors, so naturally the outdoors became my canvas for imagination and form which I could manipulate to create any scenario or any toy I wanted. Truly, this ruggedly defined “underprivileged childhood “riveted an instinctual architecture thrill. As a child I found hope to ensure myself - 'if I can think it I can build it'.  This perspective continues to foster my ability to borrow as a means to create, whether it was borrowing a sugar cane shaft, a shirt from my grandmother’s wardrobe or a few water jugs to create a pavilion. Architecture is a synthesis of the dots in our minds and the collaboration of hidden associations.

As an architecture student, I continue to implement this notion of borrowed items (whether childhood experience, music, sociology, drama, or environmental challenges) infused with innovation in every design project I undertake. It is in that moment, ripe for analysis, coupled with a momentary perplexity that architecture elevates into passion.

I hope to develop an architecture style that embodies the individuals yearning for something more, something poetic, hopeful, and playful, yet conscious of cost, serviceability, and sustainability. My endeavors thus far have only reached shallow waters as I consider the depth of the creative mind, and the materiality of transforming an idea through spatial practices.


Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, US, MArch, MARCH Advanced Placement

For generations, the GSD has educated committed individuals who have assumed leadership roles in shaping the built environment. Today’s graduates in architecture continue this tradition by pioneering new design approaches to the challenges posed by contemporary society.

Sep 2016 - current

University of Florida, BArch, Architecture

The University of Florida divulged a strong social consciousness and a desire to be active participants in improving the quality our lived typologies.

Aug 2012 - Aug 2016

Xi'an University Of Architecture & Technology, SOA Study Abroad

The success of any architect is his or her ability to adapt their cultural experience to emerging markets in order to create innovation. My studies in the East Asia program provided an in-depth understanding of the local culture and construction methods.

May 2015 - Jul 2015


Architecture University of Florida Pin-up, 1st Place

Architectural design award, credited to a student demonstrating outstanding achievement and consistent performance.


Arthur Blenn Anderson Scholarship, Scholarship

Advanced Training in Architecture


SEC Symposium Exhibition and Publication, Nomination

Nominated Representative


Martin Gundersen Sr. Scholarship, 1st Place

Top Student Entering Fourth year in Architecture


Florida Opportunity Scholar, Scholarship

Exemplifying Financial Need


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