Aarhus, DK


Bakkegaard School

Bakkegaards School combines development, extension and refurbishment and it is a part of the SKUB project – a school development project involving all schools in the municipality of Gentofte. The project involved the modernisation of the existing 3-form school as well as an extension with a sports hall, library, workshops, amphitheatre and canteen.

The vision was to turn the school with its new sports hall into more than just a school: a forum, where school and local community are intertwined. That is why the local sports clubs where included in the process and contributed with their ideas for the sports facilities. This approach created a broad commitment to the project, which resulted in a refurbished school, that acts as a natural centre for both school and leisure life with activities from dusk to dawn.

Physically, the extension forms an integrated part of the landscape that connects the school’s additional buildings and establishes a new school yard and playground on its roof.

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Status: Built
Location: Gentofte, DK