Paul Castellanos

Paul Castellanos

Glendora, CA, US



You think like an artist. Or better, you SEE like an artist. While most people look at life's straight lines, its height and depth and width, you're bending the lines with your imagination and turning black and white into shades of blue and yellow. And in conversations at work or with your friends you want to ask, "Do you see what I see?" A few might, most don't, but you've piqued everyone's curiosity with your own original and inventive ways of thinking. You can, if you must, think in conventional ways. But left on your own, you'll usually opt for the eccentric or avant-garde; in fact you're usually bored with what everyone else is comfortable with. You learn from reading, talking, watching people and other fauna and flora, and simply sitting in the soft chair of your mind . You are out in front of conventional ideas, bravely originally defining true and false, right and wrong, the good, the bad and the ugly. You drive through life faster than the speed limit, and when you hit speed bumps, and you hit a lot of them with your mind distracted from the straight line ahead your wheels leave the ground. For people who like life at a safer speed, you move too fast and lose touch too often with the solid ground they prefer, hence their discomfort with you. As odd as you might find this, many people feel safe in the shelter of the world they already know. They like the familiar. They breathe easily and sleep deeply knowing with more certainty how the world works. So although they might enjoy your company, they can only take you in small doses. And they wish you'd quit trying to push the boundaries of their personal and social cosmos.



Jan 2013 - current

Brock Larsen Design, Burbank, CA, US, Internship

Part of a 3D visualization team of a theme park master plan for the Schematic Design Phase of the project while generating detailed plans for client cost estimation.

Oct 2012 - Nov 2012

Wick Architecture + Design & LAND Design Studio Inc., Los Angeles, CA, US, Internship

Volunteer for the Schematic Design Phase of the project. Exterior renovation of a commercial building in Beverly Hills. Duties included 3D visualization and materials research.

Aug 2012 - Sep 2012

Taalman Koch Architecture, Los Angeles, CA, US, Volunteer

Focus on cast-in-place concrete and block work; footings, form-work and ties; masonry walls with slotted 1/4” glass placed between block units; woodwork; post and beam framing, assembly of pre-drilled and pre-cut components, construction of timber screens; assembly of poly-carbonate membrane to wrap the wood screens and contributed to on-site building solutions.

Jun 2009 - Jul 2009

GWA Architecture, Inc., Monterey Park, CA, US, Draftsmen

Complete red lined restaurant, commercial, and residential plans.

Oct 2004 - Feb 2005


Woodbury University, Burbank, CA, US, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2007 - May 2012

ITT Technical Institute, West Covina, CA, US, Drafting and Design

Sep 2002 - Jun 2004


AIA San Fernando Valley portfolio scholarship award, Scholarship

Architectural scholarship award in recognition of excellence.


Areas of Specialization