Daniel Cartagena

Daniel Cartagena

Baltimore, MD, US



[HU]MANGROVES began as an investigation into the strip-mall typology. The project was developed by Daniel Cartagena and Konrad Remiszewski. The research found that the typology was in need of a reimagining, an integration of new program that naturally could coexist.  This led to the idea of integrating the typology of "Art Fair" into the strip-mall.  Our decision of joining these two programs came from our site. Miami being a culturally charged city and one that has a strong car culture fit both typologies. When trying to bridge the programs together we looked into Mangroves as a method of weaving these programs together. The strip-mall was then mutated to allow for spaces that were conducive to growth and networking. The Art Fair was designed as a temporal panelized structure that can be deployed for different scales of events. The system is based on nodes that allow for connection to other nodes. The design was influenced by the Mangrove and the idea of bridging ground water and air.  The following is the work we produced for our proposal to the reimagining of the strip-mall. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Miami Beach, FL, US
My Role: Designer/ 3D Model/ Renders/ Diagrams
Additional Credits: Konrad Remiszewski