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camelia bensaid

Long Island City, NY, US

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Motivated international project architect with six years of experience in architectural design, urban design, real estate development, and business development. Previously employed at award-winner firm CONIX RDBM Architects in Belgium where I procured contracts, and assisted in the design and development of urban planning, educational facilities, hospitality and residential projects. Currently looking to join a firm with an integrated practice to apply my background in design and project management.


Urban Planning/Master Planning, Residential, Hospitality/Luxury Resort, Education, Interior design, Moroccan design, Project management skills, Client Management relationship skills, Business Development skills, Architectural and technical sketches, 3D rendering, Graphic presentation and display


CONIX RDBM ARCHITECTS, Brussels, BE, Project architect

-Developed design for Urban Planning, Residential, Hospitality and educational projects
-Developed primary analyze and research on typology, material, interiors, landscape and references to define concepts and design
-Collaborated with design team and other design consultants with completion of drawings
-Supervised design in compliance with local architecture
-Developed landscape concepts with appropriate local plants to strengthen the concepts of the project
-Prepared cost estimation budget, fees and all administrative documents
-Designed final graphic presentation for competitions
-Maintained ongoing productive client relationships for 2 years with follow up of the requirements of contract
-Developed a global business strategy for North Africa to build the firm's regional brand and increased the company’s client network by over 100 percent

Oct 2014 - current


Real estate development
-Managed a portfolio of over 20 real estate and urban planning projects (including mixed-use, residential, new suburban development projects and new cities)
-Collaborated with architect consultant to develop masterplan and plans in compliance with firm and government requirements
-Supervised design documents to secure all necessary government permits and approvals in a timely fashion
-Solicited the bids, negotiated and administrated vendors contracts, managed all pro forma, contracts, project schedules and cash flow
-Organized international architectural competitions, invited renowned offices, analyzed and selected offers
-Contributed defining the insight and urban planning program of the project through researches and presentations

Feb 2011 - Nov 2013


Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Architecture de Paris La Villette, Paris, FR, Masters, Architecture and urbanism

Architecture, Urbanism, Urban planning, landscape design, theoretical history of architecture and Urbanism, anthropology, sustainability development, sociology, PFE(graduate project): The impact of the mega planning project of Bouregreg, option field and documentary research.

Sep 2004 - Jun 2010

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