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Clayton Muhleman to lead CCA's Making Architecture Summer Program 2017

By knielsen
Apr 27, '17 6:01 PM EST



California College of the Arts is pleased to present Making Architecture, a four-week, 3-credit, full-time summer program for college students, recent graduates, inspired professionals, and career changers considering graduate education or a career in architecture.

Under the guidance of CCA Architecture faculty, students will participate in an intensive design studio that introduces techniques and skills in drawing, model-making, and critical thinking that are central to architectural design. Students enrolled in Making Architecture will benefit from CCA Architecture’s signature expertise in technological innovationdigital craft, and creative experimentation with exposure to cutting-edge technologies of 3d modeling, digital fabrication, and robotic drawing. Making Architecture students can expect to complete a body of work that will help propel them into the next stage of their architectural careers—work that demonstrates both competency with basic principles of architectural design and an understanding of the latest experimental techniques of design and fabrication. 

Making Architecture will be led by CCA lecturer Clayton Muhleman and supported by current practitioners in the field.  Clayton teaches classes at CCA associated with the Digital Craft Lab, as well as a resident of the Pier 9 AiR program, and also is an operator at Muhlworks, a design, research and fabrication studio that engages with computational design, additive fabrication and design strategy.

The dynamic context of San Francisco and the Bay Area serves as a laboratory for creativity and innovation. The program will include a series of guest lectures by CCA faculty and principals at local design firms, in addition to portfolio workshops, field trips to notable architectural landmarks, and visits to some of the top design firms and maker spaces in San Francisco.

Housing is available for early applicants.  Making Architecture students have the opportunity to stay at The Panoramic, a new, modern micro-apartment building located in the heart of San Francisco's South of Market district, approximately one mile from campus.  

Making Architecture will run from July 10 to August 4th, 2017, with classes and activities Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm. Mornings will typically consist of seminars, field trips, and site visits, while afternoons will take place in the design studio with direction from CCA faculty. 

No previous architectural experience is required—just an adventurous outlook, a desire to challenge yourself, and a passion for making.

Applications now being reviewed.  Apply now at