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CCA Architecture Professor Neeraj Bhatia awarded 2021 ACSA Faculty Design Award

By Keith Krumwiede
Jan 29, '21 6:33 PM EST
Worms-eye view of Installation (Image courtesy of The Open Workshop)
Worms-eye view of Installation (Image courtesy of The Open Workshop)

CCA Professor Neeraj Bhatia, with Cesar Lopez, CCA Master of Architecture alumnus and University of New Mexico assistant professor, received a 2021 ACSA Faculty Design Award for the exhibition "New Investigations in Collective Form," which presents a series of design experiments by Bhatia's office, The Open Workshop, that test how architecture can empower the diverse voices that make up the public realm and the environments in which they exist. The exhibition was presented at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. 

The exhibition led to the publication of New Investigations in Collective Form (CCA Architecture Books and Actar, 2019), which gathers the projects of the Open Workshop into five themes for producing collectivity—Frameworks, Articulated Surfaces, the Living Archive, Re-Wiring States, and Commoning.