Bureau de Change

Bureau de Change

London, GB


RIBA Regent street windows 2016

Bureau de Change’s window installation for British retailer Charles Tyrwhitt, creates the impression of a traditional tailor’s cutting room. It offers existing and new customers an insight into technical processes, used in the creation of the brand’s products, whilst representing the craftsmanship and British heritage at the heart of the collections. Bridging the entrance to the store beyond, the installation acts as welcoming threshold, in keeping with the brand’s accessible reputation.

An array of pattern pieces, used in the construction of the brand’s products, have been replicated in a range of British timbers - Elm, Oak, Cherry, Chesnut, Ash and Poplar. Pattern ‘families’, corresponding to particular garments, shoes or accessories, are crafted in a different wood species. The contrasting colours and patinas distinguish different products and highlight the brand’s diverse product range, beyond their beautifully crafted shirts. 

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Status: Built
Location: London
Additional Credits: photos by Ben Blossom