Daria Bukesova

Daria Bukesova

Boston, MA, US


Steel Phenomenon

Steel Phenomenon is a floating structure that offers a counterpoint to the heavy grounded brick vernacular architecture of the North End neighborhood of Boston. We believe that architecture should contribute to the community and add, not take away from the site. A light steel structure establishes a new ground plane that bridges over 4 acres of waterfront space dedicated solely to storing cars for the US Coast Guard. This Topographic Mesh reconnects North End with the waterfront without interrupting US Coast Guard activities. The mesh intertwines an outdoor park, exterior galleries and gathering spaces. Steel Phenomenon seeks to reinterpret the conventional idea of a museum and turn it into a point where any kind of art, large or small, can be displayed. The Topographic Mesh converges at the museum and facilitates sharing and knowledge as well as represents the diversity of cultures of Boston coming together. As the visitor travels through the museum they experience spaces of varying scale that are designed to elicit very different emotions leaving the visitor feel like Alice in wonderland who changes her size throughout the story.

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Status: School Project
Additional Credits: Group project with Valeriya Koleva