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Guggenheim Helsinki

Proposal is located next to an international port terminal, the idea I followed was to treat the site as an incomplete canvas.

Only the completion of the museum was not to be left literally to the artists, the museum is to be a frame for the artwork, that could be either modified or left just as is functioning too. So the proposal is complete when it is delivered. 

Four large galleries are connected by the building independent from the ground level, the loop accommodate the cafe and restaurants and the linear galleries too. 

The entrances to the four main galleries are only through the bridges as the artwork can enter the museum through the ground level, which is already used as a truck passage for the Helsinki port.

The proposal accepts the environment of the site as it is and provides it’s own art courtyards, facing inwards, only openning to the harbour and the park next to the museum site.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Helsinki, FI
Firm Role: Architectural Design
Additional Credits: Aras Burak