Bradley Trent

Bradley Trent

Los Angeles, CA, US



Your Needs for a Professional Construction Manager

Owners must look carefully at their project to determine if their project team is able to capture all opportunities for efficiency, quality and cost savings, while delivering the project on time and within budget.  Consultation with a qualified construction manager acting as an independent Owner's Representative to help determine how best to accomplish your project goals, is a major benefit to the successful completion of your project.   Construction management is a highly professional system designed to facilitate planning, coordination and control of a project from inception to completion.  Larger projects have many stakeholders, with each team member focused on their particular contractual role.  A qualified construction manager is the glue holding the process together, filling in managerial expertise where required, controlling budgets, initiating cost savings ideas, mitigating risks, and ensuring communication. 

GPPM&M, Inc. is a professional firm that specializes in construction project management, development management and program management. From conceptual design to project closeout, GPPM&M, Inc. will act as your organization's agent to successfully complete your project on time and on budget. Our combined 40 years of experience in project management, general contracting and architectural design gives us the real-world knowledge and know-how to keep your project on track and on budget.


At GPPM&M, Inc., we believe the benefit of another set of eyes is enormous, and the value-added services we provide typically save our Clients money well in excess of our fees.  Any incremental costs we bring to a project are, at a minimum, offset by the savings we generate.  The earlier a construction manager is retained, the better. An experienced construction manager will lead the Owner through the quagmire of design and construction, and educate them regarding the best design professionals and contractors to retain, and the subtleties of risk management and various project delivery strategies. GPPM&M, Inc. focuses on delivering value by identifying our clients' goals relative to budget and quality and ensuring their timely delivery. 

GPPM&M, Inc. will:

• Serve as an objective, experienced Owners Representative to protect the
Client's best interests first and foremost

• Advise the Client on retention of the best qualified and most appropriate
project team for your project

• Provide budget, schedule and quality control functions 

• Coordinate document controls, including insurance, legal issues, and


• Protect the Owner from unnecessary liability

• Centralize communication


• Manage and reduce costs

• Act as project liaison to fully and seamlessly integrate all participants


• Accelerate the design and construction schedule when possible

GPPM&M, Inc. understands the fact that a construction project can be an arduous process with high risks of the correct steps and actions are not taken. Our experience assures our clients the best project outcome possible. To learn more, please visit our website where questions and requests for information can be submitted. We can be reached via phone at 888.348.5553 or via email at


University of Illinois Chicago, Chicago, IL, US, Masters, MBA

Master of Business Administration in Finance and Real Estate

Jan 2004 - Dec 2005

University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO, US, Bachelors, Architecture

Bachelor of Environmental Design - Architecture

Sep 1989 - Dec 1993

Areas of Specialization