Brandon Sargent

Brandon Sargent

Philadelphia, PA, US

Lobby rendering
Lobby rendering

Scheie Eye Institute Renovation

Services included comprehensive master planning and renovation for the top NEI funded eye institute in the United States.  Built in 1971, the iconic Vincent Kling, brutalist style building retained much of its original physical plant and layout thus hampering the Institute's ability to offer world-class eye care and research.  BBLM Architects and consultants, working with a construction manager, evaluated the building's envelope and MEP systems which resulted in a phased replacement schedule and budget. 

Coinciding with this work was the renovation of 5th floor and 1st floor clinical spaces as well as the administrative suite.  The typical exam room was rethought as it is the main programmatic block.  Through the extended use of a working mock-up, patients were seen and physicians and technicians commented on its functionality, finishes, and technology.  Bathrooms were modernized, the optical shop was expanded, the patient flow was redesigned.  Among the greatest changes to the public face of the building is the main lobby.  Once a dark space, cramped with mismatched "airport" like furniture; it is now a bright and inviting space furnished with custom banquet seating.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Philadelphia, PA, US
My Role: Project Architect
Additional Credits: Paul Shaffer - Principal in Charge
Zhongshi Liu - Renderings