Bruno Trindade Bernardo

Bruno Trindade Bernardo

Lisboa, PT


Alves Martins High School

The old ‘Liceu’ opened in 1948. Originally, the school was organized into two symmetric main wings - which corresponded to the female and male sides - joined by onde central body. Through a gallery, from the main lobby, one reaches the large volume of the gimnasium, auditorium and cafeteria. The sturdiness of its con- struction is evident by the optimal state of preservation of the pre-intervention building.

The functional restructuring of the school follows the existing entrance axis of the building, focusing the greater collective use spaces in the central body, and from there to the remaining classroom areas and sports facilities. The additions were intended to differ themselves from the existent, with an almost ethereal presence, as opposed to the weight of the old building. The glass-paneled facade, printed with designs by

a portuguese artist, dematerialize the new constructions and confer lightness to the adjacent courtyards. Besides these two new blocks, a new floor was added, noticeable only by the small patios that bring light into the underground rooms.

Under the gimnasium, a new corridor establishes the connection to the sports pavillion (also existing, but rather recent addition to the school), which was also benefited with new shower and changing rooms. 

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Status: Built
Location: Viseu, PT
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Cândido Chuva Gomes, Arquitectos Lda.