Alexander Brown

Alexander Brown

Philadelphia, PA, US

Museum Perspective Render
Museum Perspective Render

Museum Metamorphosis

Penn Museum’s current condition is static, physically, visually, and informationally, which results in a divide in the system. Physically, as of now, the spaces which shape the museum are clearly segregated between public and private, allowing for only specific access to those of certain authority.
Visually, only ten percent of the artifacts that are held in storage are circulated into the public areas to be viewed. In other words, anyone who is considered a membered of the public, therefore not having access to the archives, will never see ninety percent of the content the museum obtains. In addition, the ten percent of the objects that are displayed are broadly categorized, similar to the archive’s storage condition.
Informationally, as a result, visitors who wish to educate themselves about the treasures that reside inside the museum, will never experience the cultures, stories, and identities of those that are hidden. For those items that are on display, visitors will not be offered the true meaning from the objects.
The proposed design challenges the existing fixed institutional system by encouraging transparency, flexibility, balance, and choice between the visitors, objects, and spaces.

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Status: School Project
Location: Philadelphia, PA, US