Brisa Barraza

Brisa Barraza

Bridgeport, CT, US



Hello, I'm Brisa, I am an architect class of 2011 by ITESM Campus Sonora Norte. Talking first about me, if I had to describe myself in few words they would be: reliable, creative, happy and friendly. 

I obviously don't have a perfect life (I don't think anyone does) but I can't complain of what I have and had in my life. I have people who have my back an those are my family and my closest friends (that I consider my family by choice). 

Hobbies: Watching series, painting, reading, having a cup of coffee watching a sunset, swimming and photography.

I actually work for my family company and do some freelance jobs so I try to balance my time so I can get everything done in time. 
Family company: I learn every day things that I didn't study or imagine I would be working on but need to know and I like learning even if its not my expertise area. This activities involve management stuff, payroll and administrative activities.
Freelance Jobs: I get my creativity on track and study the best options, best solution for my client. 

“Never talk to a client about architecture, talk to him about his children”       – Mies van de Rohe 

I’ve learned that architecture it’s not only about building something, or get a simple solution for a problem; architecture is get to know our client, their activities, customs and preferences and study every detail to get the best solution for them, they will always want a comfortable and functional space that satisfy every need they have. As an architect I have the need to inquire new trends, methods and topics such as sustainability, green building, materials and new construction techniques in order to apply them in each of my projects thereby reducing costs both construction and maintenance; also its important to take care of the environmental impact in each project you might develop, regardless of its size nor cost. 

This is why I want to specialize in certain area but I think everything will go in its time, don't want to rush it but I'm look forward doing my master. 


ITESM-CSN, Hermosillo, MX, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2006 - May 2011

Iowa State University, Ames , BArch, International Exchange Program

Jan 2010 - May 2010

Areas of Specialization