Brian Liu

Brian Liu

Houston, TX, US


Project: Cut|/Out

“If one assumes that these assumptions are legitimate and that the making of urban space for the well-being of humankind is central to these design practices, then it is important to strengthen their interdependency in the challenging context of anthropogenic climates.” -The Necessary Paradigm Shift: Space as Atmosphere

For me, Architecture is not just about its form nor the function itself. Architecture is placemaking, where it creates and captures memories and experiences.

The site is the Barton Springs Pool, located at West East Austin, at the center of Zilker Park. The giant pool primarily functions in the hot month as a carnivalesque public bathing landscape. Therefore, this is a project that aims to reformulate/envision an all-season, twenty-four-hour experience for Barton Springs pool – bathhouse, a new kind of event space that will combine pool facilities with performance and interaction programs.

Inspired by geological itself, project Cut|/Out starts with conceptually thinking of Barton Springs geographic language by exploring the solid/void space within the cut-out cube extracted from the rock bed. Through carved, eroded, evaporated, subtracted, cut, or erased (verbs.) from solids rock, stereotomic bathhouse, Cut|/Out exploits the three-dimensional ways (verbs.) to find the potential of organizational, formal, sensate, or structural logics within the project that carries out/coincide the complexity of limestone minerals via the organization of programs/circulation and space/light and structures.

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Status: School Project
Location: Austin, TX, US
My Role: Lead Designer
Additional Credits: Matthew Johnson, Marcus Martinez