Brett Milkovich

Brett Milkovich

San Diego, CA


Global Exchange Forum

During the final year of my education, our Kansas State Thesis Studio worked together for one semester developing a Master Plan for an Industrial Site in Stavanger, Norway, responsible for creating technology used today for making sea-based Oil Platforms.

During the second semester, we selected a portion of the Master Plan to develop individually. My project explores the Stratification of Urban Space and developing an architectural language separating the traditional notion of Figure Ground Relationships, creating independent Urban Layers working together to create new spatial developments.

The project has a Commercial Base connected by a Public Urban Park. Using historic Oil Platform Truss technology, I lifted a Mixed-Use Residential Complex above the park, respectively framing the Fjord landscape and concrete tower, a remnant from the explorations developing the very Oil Platforms I used to make the architecture. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Stavanger, NO
My Role: Designer