Bradley Shanks

Bradley Shanks

Portland, OR, US


Spas - King Abdullah Financial District

At the geographical center of the King Abdullah Financial
District, the Mens and Womens SPAs create a visual
portal to the new group of skyscrapers comprising the
financial center.
The buildings are technically complex: the main
structural system is a steel diagrid with significant
cantilevers; the perforated titanium facade contains
dynamic elements, and the main interior spaces, known
as fissure gardens, include vertical gardens by the
French botanist and artist Patrick Blanc.
Other major design challenges include incorporating
infrastructure elements, including a 4-level underground
parking garage under the SPAs, two skywalks
connecting to neighboring buildings, a monorail station,
and the surrounding landscape, all designed by others.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Riyadh, SA
My Role: Project Manager
Additional Credits: WORKSBUREAU / Buro Happold / Hoberman / Patrick Blanc