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    ARE Day 025: Just can't stop studying?!

    Joann Lui
    Mar 26, '14 2:12 PM EST

    Hi Archinect,

    Wow! Has it really been 25 days already? I lost count of the days while studying EVERYDAY! I still haven't set a day for my CDS exam yet, but it will probably be some time next month. So I have been studying for about six weeks now, and I have developed a strategy to tackle all these readings we have to do (seriously it's a lot!). I will share it with you here and I want to know how you study for the ARE too!

    See how I am studying after the break.

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    • ssarch25

      Go take the exam, 6 weeks of studying everyday is plenty to pass CDS.

      Mar 27, 14 11:10 am  · 

      That's a good point! But when I say everyday I don't mean literally everyday. I only study for about two hours after work on the weekdays. I am almost done with the book, and still have to practice my vignette and take some sample questions then I will be ready to take the exam. (I also take my time to make pretty notes for no reason.) Did you take the exam yet?

      Mar 27, 14 1:28 pm  · 
      vado retro

      have you listened to these? you must listen to these lectures on contracts...

      Mar 27, 14 4:51 pm  · 

      I have! I forgot to mention this. I listen to it at work a lot. Very useful indeed. Thanks for the suggestion though!

      Mar 27, 14 7:40 pm  · 

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