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    “Studies in Silence” - an exhibition by Helsinki Architect Juhani Pallasmaa

    By rhealyn
    Jan 29, '14 8:50 PM EST

    Ever wondered how and where creativity comes from? Juhani Pallasmaa, a Helsinki architect, is able to share his design and inspiration process in “thirteen themes.”

    This year, the School of Architecture at UH Manoa is excited to announce a unique architectural showcasing of Juhani Pallasmaa.

    Juhani Pallasmaa is a professor at a couple universities and also is a practicing architect at his own firm, Arkkitehtitoimisto Juhani Pallasmaa KY, in Helsinki. This exhibition will be located in the Gallery (2nd floor) of the School of Architecture from January 31 – March 5 and is open to the public.

    Juhani will introduce his invigorating “thirteen themes” of his work which interplays his design inspirations through thought and form. Some of these works include visuals furniture pieces, fixtures, illustrations, architecture projects, and more. If you are curious of how the creative mind works or just looking for your own design inspirations, this exhibition will more than just scrape the surface.

    “Architecture should make us see the majesty of the mountain, the patience and persistence of the tree, and the passing smile on a stranger’s face. In today’s world of growing alienation and detachment, we need an architecture that can re-mythologize, re-sensualize and re-eroticize the world and fuse us with our very lived reality,” said Juhani.

    Below is a preview of the exhibition

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