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    Developing 3rd tier cities: Changsha gets contemporary with a brand new bridge

    By Leedscape
    Jan 26, '14 9:54 PM EST

    By: Stefania Danieli

    Last November, NEXT Architects (Netherland) won the competition for a new bridge to be built in Changsha in 2014. The 150 meter-long and 24 meter-high pedestrian bridge will be located in the Meixi Lake area, in the west side of Changsha.

    The bridge intends to be not only a connection, but a key project for the development of the whole Meixi Lake district, as well as an icon for the surrounding touristic and recreational zone.

    The construction is characterized by smoothness and fluidity, with three intersecting footpaths which link different areas on various heights. Someone noticed a certain resemblance to the Sheikh Zayed Bridge in Abu Dhabi, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, but whether the architects were inspired or not, the result looks lighter, with a much more rounded shape, evoking perfectly the typical hills and mountains covering the 80% of the Hunan province.

    Changsha is one of the fastest growing cities of the country and attracts more and more national and foreign investors in the recent years. This bridge is just a little example of the economic expansion of this region, which for the coming years is certainly going to be a site for many more interesting design projects.

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    • Thayer-D

      The NEXT bridge is stunning!  It has as much to do with the Hell's Gate bridge in NYC ant that whole genre as it might with Zaha.

      Jan 27, 14 1:44 pm

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