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    Off Topic/Venice Art Biennale

    By bigness
    Nov 18, '13 6:19 AM EST

    I took one day trip to the Venice Biennale of Art yesterday, which resulted in a few considerations. It was my first time at the Art exhibition, but I have to say it didn't feel that much different from the Architecture Biennale: a loosely connected collection of pieces, the usual art pundits and a few lay people. The selection represented a stark return to hand-made, lower-craft art. Gone are the pristine pieces of the young british artists' inspired art seen at the end of the nineties, and so are the huge installations. A lot of the work showed a return to a hands-on production that was somewhat forgotten in the past 10/15 years. I am not an art critic or expert but that was really not much that left an impression. Mostly it was the developing world's pavilions that showed more engaging, interesting work, but that might have also simply been the fascination of the western white man for exotic culture formatted to the understandable standards of occidental contemporary art. Who knows. As your stereotypical architect I always find myself looking the other way, at that interesting crack in the floor or the way the steel beams join the brick wall, or the belts holding the crane together.

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