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    Retouching the Washington Hotel

    Jeremy Segal
    Nov 18, '13 3:06 AM EST

    Retouching, Before and After

    Retouching and post-production on images can be quite a task, but it’s a very satisfying feeling to work on an image and finish with a more beautiful product than when you started. After just finishing some client retouching work this week, I decided to revisit an older image of mine and rework the original edit.

    Washington Hotel Yokohama

    As you can see above in the side-by-side comparison, there were some big changes made, including removing the building that’s situated behind the hotel itself and increasing the saturation of the sky. (On a side-note, that’s actually the original sky, not a different one. All I did was increase the saturation and colours to show what was hidden in the file already)

    The goal for me with any post-processing is to convey to the client/viewers my “sense” or “feeling” of the scene, not just to document the building. Of course there’s a need for both types of shots, but for this one I chose to create a more advertising style image, something that could be used in a brochure perhaps.

    I’m happy with the final look, seen here, and because of this recent project, am inspired myself to have a look at some older shots in my catalogue to see what a little re-working can do for them.

    Never stop learning.


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    I think you'll really like it. Enjoy!

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