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    Ideas Competition: a communication device for the future

    Speranta-Octavia Maior
    Dec 17, '12 10:38 PM EST

    Speranta-Octavia Maior & David Rhose

    2nd place winners

    a competition sponsored by

    this entry proposed a haptic communication device as an alternative concept for the future of long distance communication

    21 boards with images and text were submitted

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in 2001, archinect website hosted an ideas competition for how communication devices will change in the future and it specifically asked what will become of the telephone booth. My late friend and colleague David Rhoese and myself under the designer name Speranza Octavia participated and we won second prize. I would like to post our concept here for further dissemination and to see if this ideas will take on a second life, as well as other ideas and portfolio projects.

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  • Ideas Competition: a communication device for the future
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