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    Elena Papademas
    Nov 19, '12 3:30 AM EST


    The first studio assignment at the EPMA program had eight weeks of length and the main topic was Landscape Urbanism.  Eva Castro, Nicola Saladino, Libny Pacheco and Federico Ruberto were our main tutors throughout the project guiding us.




    During the first week of the assignment we made a group site visit. All the students had the same site to use but for different purposes. We were divided into five groups, working on several special techniques. Brunching, networking, weaving, tilling and clustering were the different approaches we had to apply on the site.


    It was a unique and very interesting experience working along with my classmates because we all came from different academic and cultural backgrounds and the project we had to work on was clearly about Landscape Urbanism something a lot of us, including myself, were not familiar with until now. We had a short period to combine our skills, organize our work frame and get the final result, the whole experience turned out to be a successful attempt for all groups.




    The main software we all used for the final result of our work was through Rhino, Grasshopper, AutoCAD and physical models. The purpose was to create a new master plan applied to our site through the different aforementioned special techniques and develop an architecturally detailed spot from the master plan.


    In the final presentation on the first of November we all had to present the final result of our work and talk about our general process from the beginning to the end.  The presentation was held at Jackson Wang Hall in the building of Architecture.  The professors,  Zhu Yufan, Eva Castro, Han Mengzhen and Wu Dongfan  together with the architects Ronaldo Rodriguez-Leal, Huang Weixin, Jordan A Kanter, Federico Ruberto and Libny Pacheco were invited to view and comment on the students work. Each of them observed and commented our projects with a different architectural approach giving us ideas and suggestions that helped us improve and look back to the final result from another positive architectural perspective.



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