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    New Year, New things be happening*

    By adbelson
    Sep 18, '12 12:18 PM EST

    Build it! Ohio Stadium

    If you are from Columbus you know how much presence Ohio State Football has during fall. Even if you are not a buckeye through school, like participating in St. Patrick's day, during Fall Saturdays in Columbus, everyone is a buckeye.

    Have you ever wondered about the place where the magic happens? I am referring to the Ohio Stadium.

    Starting this week, in the Banvard Gallery at Knowlton Hall, there is an exhibition about the conception and creation of Ohio Stadium. Football fans and Architectural Fans alike should come to this exhibit! It is free to the public and students and open from 9-5 Monday through Friday.

    Here is part of the abstract about the exhibit:

    The year 2012 marks the 90th anniversary of Ohio Stadium, one of the country's most innovative structures when it was built in 1922. The year 2012 also marks the 200th anniversary of the founding of Columbus, Ohio. Together, these two milestones provide an important opportunity to tell the story of the stadium's creation and its connection to the broader community.

    For more information go here:


    Ohio State takes on Venice, Italy.

    Ohio State now has a famous international presence. Yes, its true! A group of Ohio State Graduate Students led by Jeffery Kipnis, Stephen Turk, and Jose Oubrerie presented their interpretation of a reinvestigation of Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s 1762 canonic renderings of ancient Rome, Campo Marzio dell’antica Roma at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale.

    For more information visit these links:


    Knowlton School of Architecture New Lecture Series

    Our new lecture series, Perspectives, started last Wednesday with Sarah Burns who  explored haunted Victorian Houses and their representation in the elite and popular arts of the early twentieth century.

    Click here for a list of the all the speakers. They are free and open to the public.


    Website Overhaul

    Check out Knowlton School of Architecture's New Website! It's new design is easier than ever to navigate and find out what great things are going on at Knowlton Hall!

    To visit the new site go here:

    *"Things be happening" is a nod to a professor in the Knowlton School of Architecture Faculty


    • annarbarch

      Everytime you exit the stadium you are taking with you an unforgettable experience that defines a buckeye time you can only liven it one time. Whether they win or lose, the players and Jim tressel have all created a legacy that will be talked about for years and perhaps written in history books. All the good things... Football is not just a sport there... All the famous coaches, quarterbacks, wide receivers... Played for the goodness of Ohio state university and for world class sport experience like no other....

      Sep 18, 12 5:08 pm
      Adolfo Samudio

      "Ohio State now has a famous international presence. Yes, its true!"

      If the school aims to be great it should quit this kind of mocking, pathetic self-patronization.  Just tell the story, and keep working hard on everything, including the international presence.  Peace out.

      ps.  Seems extremely interesting and beautiful.  Yet I wish the hard-nosed aspects of architecture received equal attention at KSA.  People like Sam, Tim Harvey, more involved in studios.

      Sep 19, 12 12:52 am

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