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    "Drawings & Pictures" Easter Sunday at Taubman College with Andrew Zago

    David de Céspedes
    Apr 8, '12 4:51 PM EST

    I must say, it was a bit disconcerting getting an impromptu announcement from John McMurrough that Andrew Zago was in the East Review space, ready to give a talk on Drawings. Sure, we have tons of work due this week for just about every class, but the work made for engaging conversation nonetheless!


    "Drawings and Pictures"

    Set up a couple distinctions

    Building on some thoughts from lecture in the fall

    Discussing drawings is sort of an anachronism

    With a few marginal endeavors in architecture, we don't just build buildings; we set up certain directions for others to build buildings

    Talking about the working space of architecture is by no means a one-to-one relationship with drawing

    You produce drawings, drawings become buildings

    Discuss the former, to dismiss the latter [ref. drawing & pictures]

    Produce things that allow for non-architects to have a clear conception of the building

    [Showing Pianesi drawings]

    People would see the work of Piranesi and probably thiink "what a disappointment Rome was after being exposed to the engravings of Piranesi"

    Views as views, and not as mere snapshots of Rome

    Piranesi thought of archaeology as a creative field, saying, "okay, i got it, I'll fill in the rest."



    Showing "Visitation" study by Leonardo da Vinci

    Paolo Uccello - one of the key proponents/creators of perspective

    "Battle of San Romano"

    Space is ordered by the discovery of perspective

    Math in painting is done by projecting calculations onto the face/head [showing work of de la Francesca]

    The idea that one could order one's buildings and cities led to the concept of 'planning'

    [showing drawing panels of Urbino, ideal renaissance cities]


    Moving toward the 20th century, there is no one, over-arching idea projected onto the work [ref El Lissitzky's Crown paingings]

    Virilio and Perrault worked on the 'oblique' as an attempt to remove a sense of horizontality in architecture

    There's an odd relationship between work of artists like Mondrian and architects of the de Stijl movement. Mondrian did not consider many architectural projects of the time to be de Stijl


    Kazimir Malevich

    Did a series of architectural studies

    In contrast to the minimalist paintings, physical models seem a bit contrived

    I've never been influenced by the Russians, and especially not by Malevich - Mies [from K. Frampton[


    Drawing is a subset of a larger working technique

    Range of architect's work lies somewhere in between a gradient of "immanent" versus "projective"

    Immanent exists in and of itself

    Projective pays no attention to the rules

    Everything the architect produces should have a balance between immanent and projective characteristics


    Going back to Piranesi for a moment

    How do you take apart scale, perspectival correctness, atmosphere, to the point that what you produce is no longer a perspective

    Panorama becomes popular in the Late-Eighteenth / Nineteenth Centuries

    Panorama is a warped, three-dimensional scene no longer dependent on the rules of perspective

    Ed Ruscha - Every address on the Sunset Strip, series of smaller perspectives that are butted side-by-side to match

    Effective technique, referenced as an homage in Learning from Las Vegas by Venturi & Scott Brown

    Stan Douglas - Vancouver Artist, Every Address on 100 Block of Hasting Street

    Not a photograph taken from far away, neither is it series of photos stitched together


    Film Studies by Zago

    New eras need to construct new ways of representing cities

    Trying to capture strange atmosphere of the city

    The horizontal is a pure elevation, the vertical section is in perspective

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