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    2. RIP Ricardo Legorreta

    Anthoney Stephens
    Dec 31, '11 4:12 AM EST

    Ricardo Legorreta, the man, the legend, the architecture god, the reason I began studying architecture, has passed away at the ripe old age of 80. I'm sad, but it gives me a moment to reflect on the first time I laid eyes on his work in his 1997-2003 New Buildings and Projects book. His 1998 house in Tokyo, Japan, his 2001 house in Shafaim, Israel, and his 2002 house in Maui, Hawaii were the most amazingly brilliant designed spaces I have ever seen to this day and from the first moment I laid eyes on them is the moment that I wanted to design space and architecture for the rest of my life. Of course life doesn't always turn out as planned, but who knows how different my life would have turned out if I never picked up his book on that Sunday so many years ago. My deepest condolences to Victor Legorreta, god knows how lucky he is to have a father that he can actually look up to and succeed. As I planned all those years ago when I would have finished my studies it would have been my dream to work along side him, to even pinch an ounce of his talent would have been a dream. All I know now is that Legorreta + Legorreta, New Buildings & Projects: 1997-2003; just became the most important architecture book I own. R.I.P. R.L.

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    • So sad. I remember meeting Legorreta at SCI-Arc. He was part of a group of Mexican architects that included José Villagrán, Mario Pani, Abraham Zabuldovsky  who spoke  there and exhibited works in SCI-Arc new gallery. Architect Syd Brisker was friends with Ricardo and supervised the construction of the Ricardo Montebalm residence in LA. It was interesting talking to Montebalm about  architecture because the actor said he always wanted to an architect like his friend Legorreta

      . I will try and find a scan of that first SCI-Arc exhibition.

      eric chavkin

      Dec 31, 11 12:47 pm

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