The Long Way Around

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    By ASteph
    Dec 31, '11 4:09 AM EST

    I guess that now rather than never is a good time to start. Be it my first entry has to do with the death of the architect that inspired me to want to design for the rest of my life. Ricardo Legorreta is the reason I began to study architecture. I don't remember how old I was when I first read Legorreta + Legorreta; New Buildings & Projects: 1997-2003, but I was in junior high school and it was a sunny sunday afternoon and the book changed my life forever. I knew from the moment i laid eyes on that book that I wanted to design for the rest of my life. God, to have the talent and the life that he had, I would kill for a sliver of his talent. The spaces he designed had something long gone from most architects, soul. Unlike so many of the steel, glass and white wall designs that seem so clever and popular nowadays, his buildings could convey a feeling to those that laid eyes on the spaces he designed. The man was pedigree and class as he learned from the best to become the best. What a life he lived, to think his thoughts, and to see the things he has seen, I'm envious. RIP R.L.

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