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    #whOWNSpace -JOIN

    Quilian Riano
    Oct 31, '11 12:41 PM EST

    Thanks to Javier for announcing #whOWNSpace here in the 'nect on Friday.

    I wanted to reiterate the call for people to join and participate. We hope that #whOWNSpace will serve as a way for like-minded art, design, architecture, activist, etc... groups to talk about and take action on the open and "public" spaces in our cities.

    The three groups that started this collaboration will also put out specific calls to action, beginning very soon.


    #whOWNSpace arises from the the questions that the #occupywallstreet movement has brought up about ownership and use of open space in New York City, North America, and cities all over the world.

    This project will be used to:
    1- REVEAL conflicting rules and ownerships in the increasingly privatized and commercialized spaces that make up the contemporary neoliberal urban condition
    2- QUESTION those rules and the current state of our "public" space; discussing the intentions and conditions surrounding our open spaces
    3- ADVOCATE FOR AND PROPOSE uses and designs that encourage community activist use of urban open spaces in accordance to the Call to Action for the Rights of Neighborhoods
    4- INTERVENE in urban spaces, turning ideas and research into material action

    We Create Tools that Reveal Spatial Conflict
    We Question Private Space
    We Question Public Space
    We Advocate for Change
    We Conceive of Alternatives for Collective use

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