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    Hello Archinect

    By andreas viglakis
    Nov 19, '10 9:43 PM EST

    Hey all, I thought I'd introduce myself and talk a little about my plans for the blog.

    So my name is Andreas. I grew up in the Boston area, and am approaching the end of my first semester at the GSD's Urban Design program. I have an M.Arch from Washington University in Saint Louis and before that studied American History as an undergraduate at Boston University. I've worked a little in Shanghai and Brooklyn.

    Obviously, a school blog is going to deal primarily with the goings on of my time here, but it will also be a way to work out my own ideas on the topics I care about, ideally in coordination with classwork. I am in an urban design program so this is likely to mean a general slant towards cities, rather than buildings, but really, I suppose the fun of these things is not knowing where they are going at the outset. I'll try to post for real sometime this weekend.


    • tactilegoods

      Yay Andreas!! - Kennan

      Nov 20, 10 6:16 pm  · 
      Rodrick Nielsen

      Good day everyone!!!
      I am very interested and excited to join this forum.
      .Hope to see interact with you soon...

      Nov 22, 10 6:10 am  · 
      Lian Chikako Chang

      Welcome! Now get moving and give us a real post.

      Nov 22, 10 11:51 am  · 

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