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Apr '10 - Jul '10

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    Its summer time, and the living is easy

    By Meredith
    Apr 27, '10 10:48 PM EST

    I wrote my last exam today, and thus began my summer holidays! Unfortunately, the weather did not seem to agree.

    Snowy Day
    Three Bares feeling a little bit chilly this week...

    and just when it was starting to green up!

    View across campus from Sherbrooke street.

    We don't really study urbanism in our program (although McGill offers a masters degree in urban planning), but I came across this while catching up on a few lectures I missed in my history of housing class. It made me hopeful for the future.

    10 Points for a New Urbanism
    1- Walkability
    2- Connectivity
    3 - Mixed Use & Diversity
    4 - Mixed Housing
    5 - Quality Architecture & Urban Design
    6 - Traditional Neighbourhood Structure
    7 - Increased Density
    8 - Smart Transportation
    9 - Sustainability
    10 - Quality of Life

    Montreal's Design Open House is this weekend. If you are in town, I highly recommend you participate. Its lots of fun and you get to satisfy your inner curiosity by poking around other designer's workspaces. Also, McGill is exhibiting student work as part of the weekend, so stop by and check us out!


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