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    wrap up midterms/switzerland/spain

    By mccloskm
    Mar 1, '10 6:03 PM EST

    My midterm review haphazardly came and went on friday. Still dont have much of a building...thursday night i took two steps backward, in order to save myself from going down a path that would have lead me towards a theoretical building that didn't deal with its mixed use program successfully. Its refreshing to say that studio can be set aside for a couple weeks as our studio departs for switzerland tomorrow night. Five days in and around zurich, where our focus will be on zumthor, calatrava, herzog and demeuron. Catherine Wetzel, one of our professors was describing the different approach to the architectural and building process that the swiss culture has. an emphasis on the true meaning of craft. Construction as a methodical art form. It sounds like a polar opposite from modern construction practices in the u.s. (i shouldn't classify all building in the u.s. in that manner, just when we were talking about this, i couldn't get the image of a big ass stripmall out of my head)

    This idea of craft is something that i have become interested in this semester. I have been reading "the Craftsman," Richard Sennett. It is inspiring, and helps me to look at my work on a much deeper level. It will be exciting to see this played out in the swiss work.

    The second week of the trip im doing madrid solo. Love the idea of solo travel, and although i have been able to get to a few different parts of the world, never have i done it alone. So, Madrid modern......i would love some suggestions from anyone who has been, or knows of significant works.

    i also wanted to talk about the idea of architectural travel and how it has been a theme in our profession throughout history. Travel is what brought the international style to the unites states, and gave america a modern identity. when planning a trip predicated on architectural investigation it gives more meaning to the experience. So much creativity can come from understanding the values and qualities of other cultures expressed through their interpretation of the built environment. I think i remember a time when i had some skill in looking at a building a sketching it. I look forward to being away from my computer screen, and in front of my sketchbook and pens...


    • BabbleBeautiful

      I was in Madrid recently. HdM's Caixa Forum, Thom Mayne's publc housing, Jean Neavous' museum addition, Rafael Moneo's train station addition, Prada Museum, Madrid Airport Terminal 4 by Foster.

      I love Spain. Have fun!

      Mar 2, 10 6:02 pm  · 

      it's the Prado museum

      Mar 3, 10 11:28 pm  · 

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