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    Brick Lane - Palestine

    By A.R.
    Oct 21, '09 4:56 AM EST

    Hi, its about time I wrote and gave an explanation of what I've been doing so far... I have started the academic year by being assigned a group project to regenerate an historic town in Palestine! It is a really interesting area and so different to previous projects I've worked on. My group and I are at the early stages of the design process; we are doing our research, attempting to get a feel for the location by reading the maps and site plans and also trying to get to grips with possible cultural factors that might make or brake our concept! If any of you have some good tips, I'd be really grateful.

    There is a class trip organised to go over to Palestine to visit the town, but I unfortunately won't be going. I will however nick some photos from some unsuspecting friends so I can hopefully show you all.

    Alongside this main project, we have been asked to investigate the famous street of Brick Lane. We have been using the street as a model for regeneration as it is an area of such combined decay and vibrancy. If my uploading skills are alright, you should see some photos below which show off the character of the area.







    Although our designs in Palestine are meant to be more conservative than the stuff that goes on in Brick Lane, like the wild parties and the graffiti streets, its been a really interesting model to understand how natural regeneration can be triggered by certain modes of intervention.

    I'll get back to you with more details about my current project when I've had another group meeting and we have more of an idea!

    Take care.

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    • A.R.

      Ok, the photos will come later!

      Oct 21, 09 5:08 am

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