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    002 / Better Than Magellan

    Greg Evans
    Oct 7, '09 3:04 AM EST

    Sorry for the lack of updates with any sort of substance...

    This past weekend, I was in Boston for a studio site visit/architecture tour/brewery fun. I shot all film, finished with 12 complete rolls, got them developed, and have done a preliminary sorting through of them all. More on this later...

    Most importantly, LECTURE #02 TODAY!

    This one coming from second year Dean at the Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning at the University of Michigan, and partner of the architecture studio Office dA, Monica Ponce de Leon.

    Without a doubt, this should be a fantastic lecture. It's free. So, do stop on by.



    • jacob

      a michigan prof at OSU? blasphemy
      (or maybe you guys are over that)


      produce a real post!

      none of the working architects in Columbus know who Office dA is anyway...

      Oct 7, 09 3:13 pm

      i know some working architects in columbus who know the da-da office!!

      go bucks!!

      Oct 7, 09 3:15 pm

      even working architects in Finland know Office Da.
      Hope the lecture was good.

      Oct 8, 09 6:25 am

      blasphemy indeed.
      i'm not over it. ;)

      differences aside, hope it went well.

      Oct 8, 09 10:21 am

      maybe jacob doesn't know what office da is! Is Matt uploading these lectures somewhere?

      Oct 9, 09 4:01 pm

      I'll mention it in my next post, but yes...

      The lectures are available on the KSA iTunes U page, as well as, the KSA lecture series website. Right now, only John's lecture is posted.

      Oct 10, 09 1:53 pm

      Great! I'll be down for the Bouws lecture next week. Would you be able to give me a tour of the current projects etc. I always get excited about KSA program progress!

      Oct 10, 09 2:09 pm

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