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    hello archinect.

    By sd
    Jul 16, '09 10:02 PM EST

    My name is Sarah, I am a third/thesis year M.Arch at the California CCA. I've been a bit lax in getting my first post started as I've been settling back into San Francisco after about a month of architraveling. Before I share a post about my travels... here's a quick introduction:

    I am from deep in the suburban south outside of Atlanta and did my undergraduate at Wake Forest University, where I majored in studio art and minored in art history. I spent a lot of my time during high school and college working on various yearbook staffs. I favored installation-driven work in my art courses and intended to move into graphic design after graduation before I stumbled upon architectural history. I undertook an independent study on contemporary european museum design while traveling as an undergraduate. I decided on CCA for grad school because of their emphasis on interdisciplinarity and I enjoy collaborating with fellow students. I am hoping to push the collaborative environment at CCA as one of the co-directors of our student gallery, PLAySPACE. We are hoping to involve architecture students and artists more extensively in the processes of installing and curating shows.

    At CCA, I TA our History of Architecture course and am working on a concentration in Visual and Critical Studies. The VCS program has been a great support to our architecture curriculum and I've gained a lot through an exposure to a wealth of aesthetic theory and art criticism. It is something that I think I would like to focus my thesis research on. I'm currently reading Nothing Less Than Literal: Architecture After Minimalism by Mark Linder, which is sort of a historicization of architecture's development through the lens of art criticism in the twentieth century. I am also researching the use of the gallery in architectural practice as well as the affect that content management systems have on practice.

    I am excited to use this space to document and archive my own work as well as the work of my classmates over our last year. I am hoping that this blog can be used reflectively to allow me to learn about the projects that we undertake as they are in process.


    • AP

      Welcome Sarah! Looking forward to following your blog. We share some interests (publication design/editing and gallery curating/installation), so I'm especially interested in learning more about these aspects of your work.

      Best of luck with your thesis year.

      Jul 18, 09 1:44 pm  · 

      Welcome! I know another Sarah at CCA in her 3rd year as well and at first I thought you were her. But hello, nonetheless. :o)

      Jul 19, 09 4:34 pm  · 

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