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    Back to school! Wait, just kidding...

    By r-nola
    Sep 4, '08 3:29 PM EST

    Tulane started classes last Wednesday and evacuated Friday thanks to Hurricane Gustave. I've already left Tulane once, thanks to Katrina, but it looks like everything will be ok this time. Classes resume this Monday so we basically got an early spring break. The city looks like it's alright, although the media is loving all the drama. Apparently the power is still out in some places, but other than that I don't think there was a whole lot of damage to the city.

    I've been all over the place in Georgia on my break, and I'm having an amazing time. I went to Stone Mountain and saw a concert and the laser light show. I went to the High Museum, by
    Renzo Piano, in Atlanta and that was pretty cool. There were about 30 other Tulane students in Atlanta and I ran into a few of them at the museum. I'm going to the "Hostel in the Forest", in Brunswick, Georgia, before I go back this weekend. It's a really cool group of treehouses in the middle of nowhere, and I've never been. The link to their site is:

    We did find out our studio professors and our first project for the year before we left, so I at least have an idea of what this year is going to be about. I'm really excited about the studio professor I got. She's Italian and she just transferred to Tulane this year from LSU. Third year is the last year of core studio (fourth year is usually abroad or urbanbuild, 5th year is thesis) so we only have one project for the semester but it's going to be a lot more in depth and complex than ones we've had before. The project is an elementary school and we're starting with research on precedents. My group got the Asilo d'Infante, by Giuseppe Terragni. We went to the library and got all our sources photocopied and scanned into the computer, and then I was packing my suitcase for Georgia. Now I'm here, hanging out and enjoying the break. I'm looking forward to a post-hurricane party at Pat O'Brien's when we get back. I'll update once Tulane starts for real. X



    • I have been to the Hostel it is lovely.
      Of particular architectural interest is the all glass (Buckminster Fulleresque) yoga/etc studio..

      also the nude swimming hole/pond and general awesomeness of community gardens, tree platforms for sleeping et al.

      Sep 4, 08 4:59 pm  · 

      the Asilo by Terragni is a great building. got to spend 4 weeks in it one summer during a workshop and it was a wonderful experience to actually live and work in seriously good piece of architecture.

      good luck with finding some good drawings and images. it is a building with a lot of subtle design decisions. enjoy it.

      Sep 5, 08 5:16 am  · 

      is there really a nude swimming hole at the forest hostel? i'm even more sad i can't go now. tropical storm hanna is landing in that area today i think. i'm hoping to make it eventually - maybe christmas break.

      dlb - that's amazing that you got to spend a summer at the asilo. i've been able to find tons of information on it with no trouble so far. my professor emailed us a video on it from youtube. if you don't mind me asking, what kind of workshop were you doing there?

      Sep 5, 08 6:01 pm  · 

      ahh, Tulane... the school I probably would have gone to had I realized it existed before I applied to college.

      Will be interesting to read your blog... welcome, and keep it up!

      Sep 5, 08 6:29 pm  · 

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  • Back to school! Wait, just kidding...
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