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Sep '06 - Nov '06

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    Out of the Ruins

    Hans Palacios
    Sep 20, '06 8:59 PM EST

    I'm sure many of you have seen and heard the progress of redeveloping the Gulf Coast area from the Hurricane Katrina damage. It's going to take several years before it gets anywhere near to the way it was before, but the communities and city governments are really working to make it better than before. With new zoning and codes and planning initiatives, architects and planners are implementing designs for affordable housing that can withstand hurricane force winds and flooding.

    In any case, I've included a few pictures of the site I'm using for my thesis project. That whole area along the coast is pretty devastated and most of the buildings are either already demolished or still in piles of debris. I hope with my proposal for a community center and housing complex, it'll give the city of Gulfport a place to go as they redevelop the downtown area.




    The city had a recent meeting regarding proposals for a master harbor plan, which is directly south of my site. I'm planning to include a footbridge across Highway 90 so that neighborhood residents have a clear access to the new harbor the city is proposing and the beachfront.


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